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What is the difference between watts and lumens?

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 02:12PM EST
Watts are used to measure the amount of energy that is required to create light. Less wattage means that less energy is consumed. On the other hand, lumens measure the amount of light that is produced. More lumens result in a brighter light.

Here are some examples of how many lumens are produced by traditional incandescent bulbs. You can use them as a guideline.

40-watt incandescent bulb = 450-lumen LED bulb
60-watt incandescent bulb = 800-lumen LED bulb
100-watt incandescent bulb = 1600-lumen LED bulb

With new LED bulbs, shopping by lumens is more important than shopping by watts when choosing which bulbs to purchase. That’s because LED bulbs use less watts than traditional incandescent bulbs to achieve the same brightness.

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