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What components do I need to set up track lighting?

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 02:22PM EST
Setting up your own track lighting system is easy once you have all the materials you need, which are listed below. Track lighting is an attractive way to light up any room, add ambient lighting, or bring attention to certain decorations. Its versatility has made it a popular lighting choice in living rooms, kitchens and more.
Track Lighting Consists of a Minimum of 3 Separate Components:
1.  The track itself. This is available in 2’, 4’, 6’ or 8’ cutable runs and includes all the necessary mounting hardware.
2.  Track heads. The standard is 1 track head per 1’ of track run.
3.  A power feed. The type of power feed that is required is dictated by the application. Floating canopy power feeds tend to be used the most. They provide a canopy cover for an electrical box opening and can electrify the track anywhere along the run, which gives it a great deal of versatility for many applications.
For example, our prepackaged track kits include: (1) 4’ track with all necessary mounting hardware, (3) track heads, and a floating canopy power feed.
Optional Items (or Application Specific Connectors and Components):
1.   Track connectors. These are used to join separate tracks in straight runs, “L” configurations and “X” configurations, as well as any number of angular configurations if you’re using a flexible connector.
2.   Pendant adapters. These are to be used with SVT cable pendants that are 10 lbs or less.
3.   Extension wands. These are used to extend the track heads down from the track in 18”, 24”, 36” or 48” lengths.
The best way to find track lighting parts and accessories for your Nuvo track lighting is by visiting an authorized dealer. To find an authorized dealer near you, please use our online tool.

Authorized Dealer Locator
    1.    Visit our Authorized Dealer Locator page.
    2.    Enter your address or zip code into the search box and click Submit.
    3.    A list of authorized Satco dealers within 25 miles of your location will be listed.
    4.    You can refine your search list through filtering by Professional AND Retail, Professional ONLY or Retail ONLY by using the dropdown box in the right-hand corner.
    5.    If a dealer has a web address listed, you can click on it to visit their website.

Still can't find the parts you're looking for? Email us at consumers@satco.com and we will try to find a dealer in your area that can help you. Don't forget to include your address or zip code in the email.

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